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Veterinarian for Bovine Patients in Norton

Thanks to our vast practice and highly qualified team, we provide a wide variety of services for animals of various species.

Dr. Aaron White, DVM, is our Large Animal Doctor here at Norton Animal Health Center and is proud to offer these specialized services.

From routine preventative care to treatment for injuries and illnesses, he provides all of the care necessary to keep cows healthy and happy. 

Our Services

Our bovine services include: 
Artificial Insemination
Semen Testing
Pregnancy Check
Calving Support
C-Section Delivery
Full Neonatal Care
Gestation Estimates
Bloat Relief
TB Testing
Test Feed Samples
Hoof Care
Peep Hole Surgery
Age & Source Verification
Nutritional Counseling
We are a full-service animal hospital and provide comprehensive bovine care. If your cow(s) needs a service not mentioned above, please reach out to us directly. We may be able to help and will gladly do so if we have the appropriate equipment and skills. 

Bovine Veterinarian in Norton

If you are searching for a highly skilled and compassionate bovine veterinarian in Norton or the surrounding areas, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Norton Animal Health Center, we provide a wide range of bovine services and would be honored to be entrusted with your animals’ care. Please contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment
Norton Animal Health Center provides an in-house laboratory, preventative care, surgery, boarding, nutritional counseling, and more for animals in Oronoque, Almena, Norcatur, Prairie View, and Logan, Kansas.
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