“I was very impressed with the staff and the clinic. It was very refreshing to have a nice clinic to go to that I could trust my animals would be well taken care of.”
~Melanie & Sammy

“Thank you for the flowers, support, and great treatment to Windy and us. You do such great work and have hearts of gold!”
~Erika &Windy

“It was a very hard day for me, but knowing your care and concerns,by your actions, I know Puffy was in good hands in his last minutes of life.”
~Dave & Linda

“I want to thank you all for the T.L.C. you have given Mike all these many years!”
~Frankie & Molly

“Letting Velvet go was very hard for us and we miss her a lot. Thanks for making it as easy on us as possible”
~ Jim & Kim

“We met in early November after Greta ran into a barbed wire fence. Thank you and your staff for such excellent care. The stitches have been removed sand the wound healed perfectly. My friend and I were both impressed with your clinic and the cleanliness. Greta is back hunting again!”
~Keith & Greta

“Thanks for the O.B. Kit and the gifts inside. But thanks most of all for your excellent veterinary services to our community.”
~Lynn & Joann

“Your kindness and understanding was AMAZING! We really appreciate the Clay Paw . I put my fingers in his paw print daily. You go beyond the normal, very touching.”
~Chuck & Kathy

“Thank you for all your support with this year’s Summer Reading Program. We enjoy and appreciate the time you donated!”
~ Kathy